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The Sawnick Rings incident was an event which emerged in Using Roblox ADMIN to terrify people at night.

How It Began[]


The beginning of the Sawnick Rings incident.

At Island Life's campsite, jensenAkles1 and thereal_crayb were spotted by Albert while talking to each other. The two of them conversed with each other, and jensenAkles1 asked if thereal_crayb liked his sawnick rings. thereal_crayb was instructed by Albert to state that he didn't like jensenAkles1's sawnick rings through whispering. thereal_crayb was quite confused, but he obliged. thereal_crayb stated that he liked his sawnick rings, but then said that jensenAkles1's sawnick rings were actually ear rings, which angered jensenAkles1. jensenAkles1 retaliated, saying that his sawnick rings just looked like ear rings. Cjijm was nearby while the argument was happening, so Albert decided to use admin commands to cause Cjijm to agree to thereal_crayb's claim. jensenAkles1 once again argues back that his sawnick rings are legitimate.

The Incident Occurs[]


The Sawnick Rings Incident in action.


The continuation of the Sawnick Rings Incident.

Albert uses his admin commands and makes everybody state that jensenAkles1's sawnick rings were ear rings. Albert continuously spammed the command, the bubble chats filling the air and everybody saying the same thing. jensenAkles1's fury was building up and he shouted out in anger that his ear rings were sawnick rings. Though, this was sadly ineffective, with the spamming of people replying that jensenAkles1's sawnick rings were just ear rings and more people walking up to him. jensenAkles1 was infuriated, he screamed out that he had sawnick rings and slowly began to start typing gibberish, beginning to freak out and panic. Albert, instead of continuing to use the admin commands, he used the UTG to make the spamming of people saying that jensenAkles1's sawnick rings were ear rings flood the chat, making jensenAkles1 angrier and causing him to panic, stating that he will report everybody and shout at everybody to stop. jensenAkles1, trying to stop hearing everything, decided it would be best to pretend to not see everybody's messages. Until, Albert, using his UTG, summoned multiple nukes.



The aftermath of the Sawnick Rings Incident.

The nukes flew down, making a huge white flash, a smokescreen, covered the entire server in rust, and killed everybody. They all respawned, with the atmosphere covered in a red-orange glow.