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SamsonXVI is a Roblox game developer and friend of Albert most known for his Camping series.


SamsonXVI uses the Really Black color scheme with the blocky body and the Green Glowing Eyes. He head is covered by the Gemmed Hood of the Mystic and wearing SamsonXVI's Shirt and SamsonXVI's Pants.


SamsonXVI is a game developer who gained popularity after his game Infection was made. However, he did not seek as much popularity as he got with his Camping series and all the other games to come along. Albert has played a lot of them, starting with the video "We sent a Roblox noob in the forest and he didn't come back...". He first appeared in ROBLOX CAMPING 2 while they were testing the new game. Currently, he has 4 games in the series, Camping, Camping 2, Hotel, and Mansion. He is also now friends with Albert.

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