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im so sad


Sadnpple is the main focus of the video KID CRIES OVER ROBLOX. She is first seen crying in a sidewalk when a dog named Homeless Puppy plays dead in front of her, making her more sad as she thought the dog had actually died. The dog then gives her an L before walking away, which makes her even more sad. She was later dropped in front of a house by a police officer and started shaking and crying while curled up. That house belonged to stormy. Stormy, however, didn't take kindly to her and yelled at her to leave.

As sadnpple wandered aimlessly in the street, she was put in a stroller by a Spanish speaking man named EquableTimi. Sadnpple hoped he was taking her to therapy, but instead, he took her to the local clothing store and told her to change. Sadnpple took it as him calling her ugly.

After leaving the store, she was approached by ricandude1. When rican asked why sadnpple was crying, sadnpple finally felt as though somebody cared. Sadnpple told him that her grandmother diarrhead on her floor before she killed her. Rican then put her on his stroller and asked her to be his girlfriend to which sadnpple happily agrees to.

He then violently threw sadnpple in a pool before saving her. Sadnpple is then told by rican to change her clothes and cursed at, making her more sad. When they reached the clothing store, sadnpple told rican to drop her on whatever he wants her to wear, but she ended up not liking her new clothes. When driving out of the store with a ruined car, sadnpple almost drowned in the car as it was driving itself to a beach. After rican saved her, he then laughed at her and threw her in the air. Rican then decided to throw her off a bridge and sadnpple told him to do whatever he thinks is best. When taken to rican's house, rican asked sadnpple if she wants to have sex with him to which sadnpple dumps him on the spot. Rican did not take well to it and told sadnpple that she makes him sad before leaving his own house in her possession.


Sadnpple is very sensitive and sad.



  • Sadnpple never celebrates her own birthday because of how sad she is.