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Sad_Survivor was one of albert's accounts used in Pretending to be SAD in Roblox to VOTE PEOPLE OFF...

and was made to and others off because he was "depressed".


Albert first started talking about how his grandma's tuba cheated on him with his wife and albert continued to act depressed and nobody cheered him up as if they don't know feelings are real.

Later on albert was with his team and said he will "sit this one out" but everyone was trash so he had to help out

And Dr. OOFER said they won, but albert said he was the one who did everything. Later albert said a story about samantha getting beaten up by a tuba, samantha did not like that so she was trying to sue him but albert said he has BIG ROBUX and samantha is poor. Than he says that his team should vote bean fart because apparently bean fart made albert sad.

Later on his team lost and he got voted off the team because nobody liked him for his attitude. It than was redemption round and albert lost again and again, he got voted off, and we saw his true form but he was getting dragged to HECC which made his day "extra sad".


  • The account has been inactive ever since the video
  • Albert found out how expensive a tuba is when looking for an image of a tuba
  • He tried to make his team accept him but again nobody liked him for his attitude