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Sacrore is first seen playing Horror Elevator along with Albert and Jake. Albert shames Sacrore's breasts by calling them pointy and adding that they could poke an eye out. Albert then gives her the nickname Ball sacrore to mock her name. Sacrore is then seen by Albert as she plays her saxophone along with another girl and he wishes that they'd be quiet.


Sacrore playing saxophone

Later Sacrore changes her avatar. She's topless with only hair covering her nipples. Albert is disgusted by the sight. Jake adds that Albert is no better, to which Albert replies to by saying he doesn't have a "bush" covering his nipples. Albert is then left alone with Sacrore in what he calls "diarrhea land". He is uncomfortable by being left alone with her without Jake around. She then tries to get Albert to fall in love with her by showing off her saxophone skills. Sacrore asks who Albert, or hottygal1 (his account), was. Albert replies by saying he's hottygal1 and asks what she wants from him. Sacrore changes her avatar again, now butt naked with Snoop Dogg covering her body.


Sacrore with Snoop Dogg


  • Sacrore had VIP in Horror Elevator.


"who r u"

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