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SOULDEW67 was a major character in Roblox BULLIES VOTED me off IN A RUDE WAY.


SOULDEW67, or just Souldew appeared in a Survivor video where Albert used the account bigjennyBIG, where he was claimed by Albert to be "the love of his life"

someone who Albert "owes his entire life" too. In the video, Souldew was Alberts savior, originally being someone who was very slow and didn't talk, to someone who lasted until one of the final rounds and voted as jury for Albert to win. He created his account on 17/9/2019


Souldew is seen wearing the pal hair , Motorcycle jacket , Smile , and black jeans


  • It is a possible coincidence that this was Souldew's first day on the platform
  • He caused Jenny to win
  • He is most likely from the United Kingdom as the phrase 'Yorkshire welcome' references an area in the UK and was most likely autocorrect as it is a word he has previously used a lot.


Souldew is most likely a mobile user as one of the few things he says is autocorrected (most likely from a very bad spelling of "your"). Souldew though, seeming to be a 2 year old is very caring and grateful. When Albert as Big Jenny cared for Souldew he cared back, he protected Albert and caused Albert to win the game. Not much else is known about Souldews personality and how he acts because he rarely spoke, but we know he comprehends normal human feelings and reactions.

Famous Quotes[]

"..." -Souldew saying nothing.

"bigjennyBIG" - Souldew after he voted Albert to win Survivor

"Yorkshire welcome" - Souldew to Albert after he was thanked.

"CAROLINE" - Souldew when Caroline gets voted out

"..." - Souldew in terror and sadness as his eyes filled with pain when he was voted out.



  • Souldew and BIG JENNY seem to have a one-way relationship, with BIG JENNY loving Souldew and Souldew finding her as just a friend.