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SELOZAR is a Roblox myth that is known for having an association with AloneTraveler. Albert calls him SELOSER, until he is redeemed.


SELOZAR is a Roblox myth who first appears in I met with Roblox's creepiest players... where AloneTraveler introduces SELOZAR to Albert which leaves Albert very uncomfortable. SELOZAR than appears in Conversation with Roblox's strangest mystery..., where he is in prison and being yelled at by AloneTraveler for "ratting him out." Albert waves to SELOZAR, and seems concerned for him, yet gets no response, until AT lets him into the prison cell. SELOZAR says that AT did terrible things to him.

SELOZAR reappears in He made a Roblox party for me... and it was REALLY uncomfortable... where SELOZAR is at a party hosted by AloneTraveler with another myth named ULEANRA. Albert tries to help SELOZAR by getting him away from AT, to no avail. Near the end of the video, AT locks Albert and SELOZAR in a room together, saying "10 minute heaven!", which Albert interprets as him trying to get them to kiss. SELOZAR says that he feels shameful, and stays away from Albert.


  • Like AloneTraveler, SELOZAR is made of stone.
  • If SELOZAR really does have feelings for Albert, as implied by AloneTraveler, he is not aware of them, as he knows nothing but pain.