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SARUNEM (Previously known as ZalcusOfSorrow) is a Roblox myth related to the Zalcuses. She and other Zalcuses have been featured on the Flamingo channel. She is now related to The District Forces, Vigilate in virtute, and the Myth Containment Agency.


SARUNEM appears to have purple skin with the Lavender Updo hair, the Smile face, the Roblox Girl Torso, and the SARUNEM Rebirth shirt and pants.


  • SELOZAR looks up to her.
  • Unlike the other Zalcuses who retired, she is trying to keep the story alive.
  • She is a former cheerleader of the District Forces.
  • The "Hold it in " face she previously wore probably reflects how she acted.
  • Her height revealed on Twitter was 5'1.