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"I fell in wove with you"


s7398 debuts in the video "His roblox girlfriend hated his rapping..."


s7398 is The Ex "Girlfriend" of Tay Tay.


Her outfit is seen wearing Roblox shirt - Simple pattern , Straight blonde hair, and woman face.

Her Current outfit is seen wearing NeoClassic Female v2 - Shirt , NeoClassic Female v2 - Pants , Classic Female v2 - Hair , and Classic Female v2 - face


s7398 is the supposed "girlfriend" of Tay_Tay5889, and is shown watching Tay_Tay5889 and Flamingo fighting over her. Later, they coincidently be chosen to Rap battle each other. During the rap battle, s7398 sends Flamingo a friend request, which he uses against Tay Tay and wins, along with winning s7398.

The last sighting of s7398 in the video is her saying "💯" in the chat.