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"Eating sugar..."


RyeRye_Toast30 is a Roblox player who was in Flamingo's video, We made Roblox noobs SCARED then VOTED THEM OFF..., in which she got herself far in the game and joined the brotherhood of BrotherZlox.


During the game of Survivor, Albert and Kaden played as BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox, trying to become the winner of it. They encounter RyeRye_Toast30, who named herself BROSKI in the game. Originally in the Fumi Team, she was teamed up with gay, your mum, WICKED (her sister), and minecraft. She played valiantly and was able to move her way up to beat her team members as well as most of the other team as well. She was close to being voted off between her and gay (ReignbowDJ), until she won the tie-breaking fire making competition. Although originally part of the "gay" family, she disbanded from them when she allied with the BrotherZlox brotherhood, which her former members despised her. With the brothers, she was able to make it to the final 3, in which BrotherZlox won. However, both brothers said that she was a winner as well.



In the game, the image shows what she had looked like then. Now, she changed her avatar. She currently wears the *ORIGINAL* Hisoka Morow - HxH suit, the City Life Woman head, and the Rthro body, and the Woman Face.


  • "Plz put me & wicked on same team shes my sis"
  • "Eating sugar..."
  • "Wut ur so mean"
  • "Yasss"
  • "Goodbye mom i never liked u"
  • "U also put me up fr a"
  • "Darn right"
  • "Ok fine"
  • "My mean mom"
  • "Not the bros"
  • "Ha #### ##"
  • "Mama has rested"
  • "nvm"
  • "😈"
  • "ill remember to friend u"
  • "Is it me?"


  • Her about description says: "broskis :|", referencing the video.