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RyanBarr554 and HaloH2O are a duo that appeared in the AlbertsStuff video "THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE GAME in ROBLOX".


RyanBarr554 and HaloH2O are a couple of people that Albert encountered in "THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE GAME in ROBLOX". In that video, he first meets them socializing at a nearby table in a club game. He decides to follow them and see what they are doing so he performs a glitch that they were both doing. After performing the glitch, it is revealed that they are both doing some nasty movements with each other. When they notice him (or her because he was on an alternate account) they act normal as they dance. However, Albert already saw them as the footage is caught on video. They tell to him to go away and eventually tell him to reset, which he does. He eventually catches them again and they get mad so Albert has to go away. They have become very infamous in the AlbertsStuff community as being the thumbnail of the video they were in which became the most popular video on the AlbertsStuff channel before it was private by Albert.

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Termination of RyanBarr554[]

At an unknown date, RyanBarr554 was terminated due to the actions shown in the video.