Albertsstuff Wiki

This wiki has rules and guidelines just like everything. These rules are enforced to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Main rules

  • Because of to the Fandom guidelines, you must be at least 13 years old to create a fandom account and edit here. if you are under that age, you can still view our content, but you cannot create an account as it would be violating Fandom's Terms of Use.
  • No vandalizing. Vandalism is the deliberate and malicious removal or addition of content. Our previous wiki got vandalised. This wiki has active admins that are here to stop vandalism on the spot.
  • No trolling. Trolling is any deliberate attempt to provoke or upset someone.
  • No hate speech, racism, or bullying. We are a wiki that believes in equality and therefore wants people of all types to access the wiki without being harmed in any way. This includes cyberbullying, flame wars, online discrimination, etc. So, please don't be racist, post hate speech, or bully anyone on the wiki.
  • No spamming. We don't want to see you advertise yourself or anyone else unless it is useful to the wiki and helps us in any way. Typing the same message over and over again also falls under this. So, no spamming.
  • If you are going to use bad words, make it apply to the page you are making. If you do, use the "Nsfw" alert screen.
  • No asking for admin. We don't give admin to anyone that hasn't contributed to the wiki. There are requirements that have to be met before one can apply for admin privileges.
  • Don't write your opinions on a page. if you like or dislike a character, write it on the comments instead.
  • Don't create useless categories or categories that fit too few pages.
  • Don't impersonate someone. If you claim to be someone else, you will have to show proof that you are that person, otherwise you will be blocked.
  • Don't create pages about characters who are too minor or don't really have a role. For more information about if a character deserves a page or not, see Page Requirements.
  • Don't false report. This will accomplish nothing and will paint you as a bad person.
  • Don't use an alt just to evade a block, create an illusion of support, or break any other rules. This is also known as sockpuppetry.
  • Don't make useless edits, whether it is to farm badges or inflate your edit count.

If you are caught breaking any of these rules, you may be let off with a warning or blocked from the wiki by our staff depending on the severity of your actions.