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— President Ronald, Airplane 2

Ronald (???? – 2019) was a Robloxian politician and businessman who served as the President of the Robloxia States from ???? to 2019. He made his first and last appearance in the game Airplane 2 in the video My ROBLOX Airplane experience.... On October 7, 2019, he was assassinated in his presidential jet, by gamertayplaysroblox.


Ronald is shown to be aggressive to other players if they did not meet his expectation. He kick Chef and player out of the plane because according to him the food taste bad.


In the "Airplane 2" Roblox game, Albert and other players were invited to fly in the presidential jet. The President did a lot of weird things, like kicking his chef and a player out of the plane because they couldn't cook properly for him. Through Ronald was nice to the other players and even offered a bedroom for them.

Later, it is revealed that Ronald (The Monster) can take any shape, gamertayplaysroblox then suspects the president is Ronald and murders him. It is then revealed that he was not Ronald and that the true Ronald was the president's agent, which successfully makes the plane crash and kill everyone.

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