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Ronald is the main antagonist of the Roblox story game series "Airplane".


As a kid, everyone made fun of ronald, and nobody was there to help him when he had problems. After growing up, he became obsesed with planes and started reading several articles about plane crashes. He then decided to crash a plane with the captain and several noobs inside, but his plans were ruined by Spongerobert9 and General Poncho, which were able to rescue the noobs. Ronald dies either burned or by a heart attack.

Ronald still manages to be responsable for the deaths of the military members, himself and the captain.

After his death, a skeleton reincarnates him as a black monster so he can have his revenge.


As the monster, Ronald causes several problems to a airplane, like spawning snakes on it, cutting the energy, placing a bomb and knocking out members.

He is later seen at the cabin and it is then revealed that GeneralSpeeblet was Ronald's ally. GeneralSpeeblet then decided to crash the plane, it is unknown what happens afterward.

Airplane 2[]

Ronald once again causes several problems to the presidential jet, which contained several players and the President of Robloxia States. Pilot Keilly reveals that Ronald can take any shape he wants. Gamertayplaysroblox then murders the president thinking he was ronald, but the president's agent reveals himself to be ronald, while also stating the passengers were the true monsters for killing a innocent. The Airplane then crashes and everyone presumably dies.

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