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rominecraftblox83 is an account made by Albert in GETTING BANNED FOR TROLLING ROBLOX to trick Russo into thinking a kid gave him all his birthday money to be his friend.


Albert, on a YouTube account named "jim bo", donated to Russo during a live stream. He claimed to have spent all his birthday money on the donation so that Russo could friend rominecraftblox83. After the stream was over, Albert gets on a call with Russo and Jake.

Albert and Jake act like rominecraftblox83 is actually a desperate kid. Albert says the kid would be upset if Russo didn't friend him soon, and asks Russo "Do you know how I know this?". Russo answers "how", and Albert reveals that he was rominecraftblox83 the entire time. Russo didn't friend the account, but he has followed it to this day.