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000burger2 (formerly known as Robot_1004), created by a user named Banunos, was a bot controlled by players through a virtual "WASD" keyboard. If you paid Robux, you could teleport it to other games using their place IDs.

Since the game, "Roblox but it's inside Roblox" has been taken down twice, the bot is no longer playable. Robot_1004 is now a regular player.


In 100 people controlled ONE ROBLOX PLAYER..., Robot_1004 was controlled by several players through an in-game computer. He played several games, such as Bloxburg, Meme Minigames, Meepcity, and a Natural Disasters rip-off.

Albert paid Robux to decide which games Robot_1004 played and also used admin commands to make the bot blind, making it difficult for players to play. He even put a rocket on it's back. He also saved the robot in the natural disasters game by running at a zombie who was coming for Robot_1004 and throwing it out of the universe right before the zombie could get to the robot.

Robot_1004 died several times in the video, most of the time because of Albert.


  • His account was terminated for an unknown reason.