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Robosapien626 was a user who is most known for there gold chain t-shirt and the Tux T-shirts.


Not much was known about Robosapien626. He was active through 2007 to 2008 and made a bunch of T-shirts that still remain in the catalog to this day.

Sometime in 2017, Robosapien626 was falsely terminated, as Roblox thought one of his t-shirts were inappropriate; when in reality, he wasn't breaking the ToS. He is aware of this. Roblox keeps changing the moderation status of his account.

As of March 2021, his Gold Chain T-shirt has been Deleted, as in Roblox took something from us.... Albert shows off how his Gold chain has been deleted along with Chainsaw man pants.


  • Most of his t-shirts are still on sale to this day, most notably his Tux t-shirts.
  • He most likely is getting unbanned and banned due to false DMCA takedowns. He was unterminated on April 20, 2024, but banned again.
  • His account has been unbanned and banned multiple times. First in 2017, and still continues to this day.
  • He went inactive in 2023 after Roblox falsely terminated him multiple times.