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In this video, Albert plays a knock-off version of Minecraft in Roblox called Build Mine Survive and Craft. He encounters many odd people, as well as using lava.


Using his account, fungunfungun2, Albert tries out a Minecraft-like game called Build Mine Survive and Craft, by a group called "i want hat", which is run by IWAntHATNOW, who is obviously shown to desperately want hat accesories. Albert talks about his games, as well as a game that stole one of his thumbnails. He plays the game and buys lava, which he says is the best part of the game. He finds a community of players and tries to give a flower to a girl, but ends up getting killed by the player behind him. Taking revenge, Albert puts lava in his house, chanting, "lava house". Regretting his decision, he digs up enough dirt to cover up the lava. He uses a Rainbow Shovel and Sword to use and for defense, although he does lose it for a moment. He covers the lava over a long period of time, which is thankfully cut short by Paige. After that, Albert pulls his usual shenanigans with putting lava onto others, and encounters DaBiMnTch, who acts very aggressive towards Albert until he uses his lava as a threat. Seeing this, DaBiMnTch gives him three diamonds as payment to not do it. When he hits Albert again, he puts the lava in his house and runs away. He then tries to fix the mess he made, all while DaBiMnTch stands sad and miserable from what happened. Albert creates his condo right above the other player's house. He kicks down a girl who tried to attack him with sand, and he sees DaBiMnTch with lava, who plans to do the same thing to Albert. However, the plan backfires on him, which ends up killing him when he fell on the ground. He immediately left the game, and Albert soon commences in building a giant dirt wall around him, although he finds lava still around the house from before. After Albert kills a player inside his home, he looks at his inventory and moves to another server. In the other server, he meets AliceAngel4040, who keeps spewing random gibberish into chat, with sad emojis. Albert presumes she is three years old and doesn't know any language, and tries to find her, but she leaves. He finds her in the other server from before, and he finally finds her. Even though she said a cohesive sentence, she continues to spew gibberish again, and resets herself when Albert gets close to her. He keeps trying to figure out why she is said, but doesn't say anything that makes sense, even through translate. He kills her and burns her in lava, and for his final act, he burns her in a "torture device" of glass, which he allows the other people to witness. Before she dies, her last words were, "Nbvfm". The video ends there.


  • Albert (fungunfungun2)
  • Paige (editor)
  • asi34o
  • espertao12
  • DaBiMnTch
  • Andrey240213
  • AliceAngel4040
  • pizzaland13248
  • Valer404042