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Roblox bullies VOTED ME OFF for being TOO GROSS...


Albert changed his main account username (Mrflimflam.) to PeeMan_Offical and, he changes his account avatar to fit with PeeMan_Offical. Then he played Survivor. Albert convinces people to make him captain by threatening players that they will never pee again if they don't vote for him. Albert then causes drama during a round by telling a random player he will vote them off. Albert team won the round.  Albert then summarizes what happens during the 2 rounds. Albert summarizes that players were defending him for what he did. Albert then complains about how bad players on his team are. Albert's team lost the 2 round. Albert then insults Jeremiah. Albert then votes July during the elimination vote but he got voted out. He then threaten them. Albert then changes his username to his original username and discusses the last round. Then video end.



  • This video mark the first time that Albert change his username.
  • This video mark the debut of Pee Man.
  • Albert was on Ignis team in video.