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At the start of the video, Albert is annoyed, due to several people using potentially using the Boombox tool, to play the Raining Tacos song. In frustation, Albert deletes a house, but continues to play. He then get rids of another few houses, with the music now apparently getting louder. He then shutdowns the entire server.

He then turns his outfit into a demolition worker, while a woman named aranacin has "bees" in her hair. dennisadly7545g says "Poop", then "I need to poop". Albert, uses the :poop command to make her actually "poop", also kicking aranacin. Albert now attempts to gain access to the houses, and points out sally010787's house. She arrives and Albert greets himself, then stating Albert must tear down sally's house, in order to build a McDonalds.

Destroyed House

The red house, ruined.

sally refuses, by running away. He then asks another girl inside the home the same question. She agrees. He then proceeds to tear down the house and the green semi-detached house, but the girl manages to escape with her child. Albert runs up to her to say thanks for agreeing to the destruction. Sally, inside the crib, leaves the game, with the girl stating that isn't wasn't her house anyway.

Albert then talks about the movie UP, and uses it as a plan to ruin houses and build McDonalds. He then tries to break into iamsuperstar8456's (also known as Alexa) house, kicking another girl named seriperin, that just purchased a house, also kicking kisinseri who bought the same house. Alexa then arrives at the door.

Albert greets himself and asks permission to build the McDonalds. Alexa refuses. Albert then teleports her into a copied version of her home, this time at the bottom of the map. Alex now attempts to leave, but falls to her death. Albert then destorys the original house. Alexa sees her destroyed home, with Katiegamer_2009 questioning what happened to the house. Albert thought Alexa left the game, however Albert found her, looking for a new home.


The new McDonalds building.

Albert now builds the McDonalds in Alexa's past destroyed home. A man walks into the McDonalds and askes for a McFlurry. Albert then comes back to Alexa and tells her about the new McDonalds. Alexa disapproves. Another person pretends to be a worker at the new McDonalds. Katie_gamer_2009, again asks why there is a another McDonalds. He then goes up to a house, owned by a person named Frankie, to create another McDonalds. Frankie doesn't want to. Albert then asks again. Albert now gives the same treatment to Frankie, and sends him into a copied version of his home, at the bottom of the map. Now trapped, Alexa asks Frankie to jump off the house. Frankie is not tricked, and realises it before he falls off. Alexa then accidentally falls off, then Frankie does the same.

Albert then destroys the original house, before Alexa and Frankie can enter, with Albert replacing the house again with a McDonalds. Frankie then leaves the game. Next, Albert destroys a hospital. he then destroys several more homes. maomen1117 mourns the loss of his home.

Finally, Albert replaces the lost homes with McDonalds.