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RobloxEmployeeJoel is an player known for impersonating Albert and scamming his fans. Albert talked about him in the A Roblox youtuber is pretending to be ME to scam people... video.


RobloxEmployeeJoel scammed several Flamingo fans by pretending to be Albert and claiming they would get 1000 Robux if they bought his 50 Robux Shirt.

RobloxEmployeeJoel also created a fake Flamingo channel, botted subscribers and made a video claiming you could get 1000 Robux if you bought his Roblox shirt, something that was obviously false. His plan was partially successful as he managed to scam 68 Albert fans before Albert made a video about him. As of July 1, 2020, the shirt price changed from 50 to 200 and it now has over 1,200 sales.


RobloxEmployeeJoel made a very complex plan to make sure people fell for his scam. On his youtube video (On the Fake Flamingo Channel) he used alt accounts to comment on the video pretending the trick worked, and blocked new comments in order to avoid people saying it is a scam.

On his Roblox group called RubuxModd, he put a fake code in the group's description to make people believe the group would actually give free robux to anyone who bought the shirt.

Even after Albert did a video telling people to not fall for his scams, RobloxEmployeeJoel didn't give up. Hours after the video was published, He made a new comment on his Fake Flamingo channel telling people to visit a fake Robux website.


  • RobloxEmployeeJoel is very similar to Mrflimflim, as both are players who impersonated Albert in order to scam his fans and get Robux.
    • However, while Mrflimflim is presumably redeemed, RobloxEmployeeJoel is still attempting to scam Roblox players.

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