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Roblox's disturbing island turns people into monsters

Roblox’s disturbing island turns people into monsters is a video uploaded to the Flamingo channel on May 4, 2020, uploaded exactly 9 months after Albert’s previous video on the game.


The video begins with Albert talking about the old video. He then enters the game and runs into Ping_Wing and Ching_Wing, who he dubs Ping and Ching. Like the last video, he plays on a secret account, known as hillybilly1 this time. He makes his was to the De Pride Isle Sanatorium and runs into a player coughing. He then finds out that everybody is getting sick there. They then get into the building and make their way to a dorm. Then a spider sticks it’s legs through the dorm door, giving Albert a jump of shock. For some dumb reason, Albert opens the door and lets the spider (known as Raymond) in. He then flees the room and goes into another. Raymond finds him and starts lunging through the door. The only thing Raymond says is “-Is Hungry-“. Albert then tries to lock the door and is knocked unconscious by Raymond’s legs. He then opens the door and is carried away by Raymond. A nurse knocks Raymond out as Hilly dies. NOTE: Hilly actually starved to death, as the spider that is carrying a player cannot kill them like that. He then is forced to take the boat back and runs into Ping and Ching again. They run into a spider or two on the dock who immediately start attacking players. They survive and make it to the sanatorium in the morning. Then they head to the nursery to be treated from the Coronavirus, which was added in the game. In the nursery, Hilly tries to get treatment immediately and a player then throws holly off a mountain. They make it back during dinner time and they run into Raymond, who seems to be interested in women. Nightfall occurs, and one of their roommates turns into a spider. They then flee, and are chased around the hallways. Ching is taken away by the spider (mainly due to Albert shutting the door in her face), and the other two hide in the washroom. Raymond joins them. They then realize that the door can’t be locked, and head to another dorm. Ching returns, but another of the roommates turns into a spider. Ching is nearly killed, and they flee again. This time, the spider goes after Hilly, killing him. After he finds them again, he realizes that Ching had vanished. The other two are led to the therapy room, where they meet Valindra again. Valindra attempts to tell them that Ching was a delusion and had died 10 years ago from choking on a sushi. They don’t believe her. After getting treatment, they make a plan to escape the sanatorium before nightfall. They manages to leave the building, but Valindra finds them. She then whacks the three of them with a stick, causing them to fall off the cliff and into the ocean. The video ends with Hilly drowning.


  • Like the last video, the game received a spike in traffic due to Flamingo’s popularity.
  • Also like the last video, Albert plays the game before it was taken down by Roblox. However, it was the second time of it getting taken down, and this time it was only for references to COVID-19.
  • Unlike the last video, where Luca dies twice, Hilly dies a total of 4 times.
  • Hilly’s deaths are as follows: Starved to death, eaten by spider, thrown off a cliff, and drowned after falling off the cliff.
  • For those who are interested, Luca’s deaths were: Drowned somehow and eaten alive.