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RobertSmiles is the father of The Smiles Family household who debuts in Sleeping over Roblox's SMILES FAMILY house....


RobertSmiles is a father who took care of three children. He was married to NancySmiles until she died. Robert makes very good friends with Albert when they first meet, as he gives him a rundown of the house and introduces him to the kids. Near the end of his debut video, he starts talking to a ghost named "Roy" (who presumably died in the gasleak.) After he passes out on the floor, he wakes up possessed trying to kill Albert. Albert and the kids hide upstairs in his office and then he comes in.


When in the office, RobertSmiles regains his memory confused. But a few seconds later, he's possessed again and cuts himself with an axe he was holding. Even if he didn't die then, a gasleak occurred burning the house with him inside presumably killing him.