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RitoTribe is an old account that Albert had that he uses in the video, I opened a ROBLOX SALON and made people UGLY....


Albert had received the account RitoTribe sometime in 2010 but he decided not use it.

Albert would use RitoTribe ten years after receiving the account where he would use it to go undercover in the game Girls and Boys SALON! which he created using the account SalonEpic2003. Things were going well for Albert as he watched people who went to the salon through 20,000 robux worth of advertisements through SalonEpic2003.

However, a player named AlanWalker83849 came in and mocked RitoTribe by calling him bald, this caused a feud between AlanWalker and RitoTribe. RitoTribe was able to get AlanWalker to put a face on, making him ugly which caused AlanWalker to reset which RitoTribe danced on AlanWalker's corpse. RitoTribe is able to also convince AlanWalker to get on the hair drying chair and tanning bed, both of which caused AlanWalker to die.

Albert went into another server as RitoTribe and watched the madness unfold in the game.