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"you make me sad" -ricandude1 to sadnpple3213873

Ricandude1 was a Roblox player who debuted in KID CRIES OVER ROBLOX.


Ricandude1 was first seen approaching sadnpple3213873, curious as to why she was crying. It is then revealed that sadnpple had killed her grandmother after she had diarrhead on her floor. Rican then put her in his stroller and asked sadnpple if she wants to be his girlfriend, which she happily accepts. He took her to a water park and threw her in a pool before telling her to change her clothes and cursing at her, making her more sad. After arriving at the local clothing store, sadnpple told rican to choose her clothes for her, however, she ended up not liking her new clothes. They then left the store and drove their way out in a broken car, which ends up with sadnpple almost drowning in a beach as the car was moving by itself. After saving his girlfriend from drowning, he laughed at her and threw her in the air leading sadnpple to question whether they should be together or not which makes her more sad. He then decided to throw her off a bridge and sadnpple tells him to do whatever he thinks is best for her. Later, he decided to bring her over to his house. After taking her to his bedroom, rican asked sadnpple if she wants to have sex with him. However, she dumps him on the spot and won his house in the settlement. Rican did not take well to the breakup and told sadnpple that she makes him sad before leaving his own house.


Rican is shown to really like water.