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rez_b is a game developer that has worked on games like Stateview Prison.


rez_b is a game developer known for being the person behind Stateview Prison which was responsible for some drama with other prison games like Riverside and Oakville. He also used ads that spread a trend which was where people said that "Flamingo has Admin" or that Albert played their game. He was also shown in the video ROBLOX HIKING... where Albert and Kaden went hiking and he was the main tour guide of the game.


rez_b is known for many things that have caused him to be one of the most hated Roblox players. He is known for botting games to the front page even though he said that "Riverside and Oakville prison bot their games." He has also scammed developers into their Robux.


About the same time when Decabox was terminated, Rez_b was also terminated. He put a now deleted tweet onto Twitter stating that he did nothing to get himself terminated. However, people were quick to realize that Rez_b did stuff to get himself terminated but he denied it. Albert talked about this in You won't believe who Roblox just banned... along with Decabox's ban. After reading the tweets replying to Rez_b, Albert said that Rez_b was probably a bad person that he deserved to get terminated.


Rez_b's Roblox Profile (Via Rblx.Trade)