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red dress girl is an antagonist who appears in This Roblox sad story is disgusting.


red dress girl appears in a sleepover with Su Tart and Knuckles, who is asleep. Red dress girl prepares to murder Knuckles, but Su Tart is awoken by her and thinks she came to participate in the sleepover. Su Tart gives red dress girl a bed and orders pizza. Red dress girl says she is evil, but Su Tart Dad comes in and thinks red dress girl is a new friend of Su Tart. Him and red dress girl play Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and red dress girl wins.

Awesomehaig appears and asks if anyone has spare chicken nuggets. Red dress girl throws the switch at him and Su Tart has had enough. He calls Waddle Dees to wake up Knuckles, who punches red dress girl. Su Tart calls her parents and she is put in time out.