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rebeca is a minor character in I used Roblox ADMIN to put their HOUSE in the sky (they fell out and DIED).


Rebeca has the woman package, having a slim and feminine anatomy. She has warm, ivory skin and black long hair with a red headband. She has a black cap with the words “IM A SPY” and a christmas crown, like a wreath. She has a sloth hugging her back, and 2 red demon-like horns. She has blue overalls with a black and white striped crop underneath. She has long, white adidas boots.


Albert teleported rebeca to Toe to keep Toe company, though Toe seemed to not care. Rebeca immediately headed up the stairs for some reason when she was teleported, then went offscreen. After awhile, Toe heads upstairs and Albert announces that “that girl died”, confirming Rebeca’s presumed death. She presumably jumped off the balcony, leading to her death.