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"give up = trash"
— Last part of the description for "L E G S."

Andrew (better known online as Real_KingBob) is one of Albert's friends and a developer for games.


Real_KingBob uses the Yellow skin and uses the basic body type. He wears a Minion shirt and Minion pants. He wears the Captain Underpants Cape, the 8-Bit King Nate crown, and the Minion Goggles. He wears the Purple Wistful Wink face and is depicted to be holding a Minion.


Real_KingBob is a game developer who is known for making games like "Snailbreak" and "tea party." He debuted in Roblox if it was MADE BY A 3 YEAR OLD where Albert played his game Bobble Wobble . In Roblox game developer made something really weird for me... Albert was invited to a tea party with King Bob and another person named Rdite. King Bob kept following Albert so he could make him feel uncomfortable. There was a sequel made to "tea party" which was discussed in ROBLOX TEA PARTY. King Bob is also known for making Albert friends with Temprist in This Roblox game dev has people do something really weird... In some videos, he helps Albert make games like "Boys and Girls Cafe" and "Life in Paradise" to troll unsuspecting players. More recently, he has been helping lIlIlIlIllIlIIlIl65 to make some of the buildings used by her in the game Island Life for again, to troll unsuspecting players in that game. He has also been creating some confusing games that are more high IQ oriented. Albert discussed these kinds of games in ROBLOX L E G S and ROBLOX D O O R S.


  • His character is based on that of the Minion with the same name.
  • Before appearing on Flamingo, he was in a military group along with Kaden (revealed in PLAYING AND RATING MY FRIENDS ROBLOX GAMES.)
  • He has his own group called "Minion Productions."
  • In We trolled Roblox noobs who were simply minding their own business, 1_AD and him faced off against Albert and Kaden in Uno.
  • He has a YouTube channel with only 2 videos and 1k subscribers. Originally, he had around 5 videos, however, for whatever reason, he privated some of them.
  • In a (now privated) Q&A, when asked how he found inspiration for his games, he answered that he thought like Rdite, and by thinking like Rdite, you would have to think "dumb."
  • In the aforementioned Q&A, he would reveal his voice, which was rather monotone and soft, which also fit his upfront and sometimes sarcastic answers.
  • He is a talented coder and developer and is famous in making muitiple things for Albert to use it to troll players. Such inventions are coffee cups laced with Ro-Bio viruses, remote controlled bots and pets, eg, ETC.
  • From interactions accounted by others, he is often described as kind, yet humorous.