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Rdite is a Roblox game developer known for being affiliated with Real_KingBob. He debuts in Roblox game developer made something really weird for me...


Rdite's Roblox avatar is seen to be using the Pastel Brown color scheme with a Lavender color scheme for the torso and the Black color scheme for the legs with the basic smile. On his head he wears, RobloTim's Pretty Purple Princess Hat with the Workclock Headphones. His eyes are covered by the Retro 3D Glasses. and he wears the Roblox R t-shirt.


Rdite is a game developer for Roblox who is known for making games such as Sausage Sizzle and Splitting Point. He first appeared in the Flamingo video, Roblox game developer made something really weird for me... In that video, Albert is invited to a game called tea party created by RealKing_Bob. It is fairly normal until Albert discovers a secret room which is mildly disturbing. After some investigation by Bob and Rdite, they come to the conclusion that Albert is inside the secret place. They then find him in a lair where Bob keeps his minions. He is then chased down by Bob and Rdite and is caught by Rdite who then smacks Albert with tea. Albert is then found again to be followed by Rdite to a secret place that is dedicated to Albert. After some messing around, the video eventually ends. His next big appearance was Roblox dev WON'T get BANNED for this... but I did when I did it... where Albert talks about how most developers get worried when he's in the studio because last time, he got his account terminated so Albert had to switch to Mrbadban. Rdite reappears in his messages and it is revealed that he made a new game called Retirement which is based on the place that made Albert switch to Mrbadban for a while. As of February 8th, 2020, Rdite is on Albert's friends list.



  • Rdite is a QA Tester for Roblox which is where experienced volunteers test upcoming events like the Egg Hunt.
  • In a (now deleted) tweet, Rdite had revealed his face when at the Roblox Annual Bloxy Awards event.
  • He often follows back fan-artists of him.