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"i'm a scripter known for creating a drawing game about plagiarism."
— First part of Rawblocky's about section.

Rawblocky is a game developer who has created many games Albert has played.


Rawblocky's avatar appears with the Rock Star Singer Right Arm along with the Left Arm and a basic torso. He wears the Cheez-It Cracker shirt which is somewhat overlapped by Rawblocky's own T-Shirt, "that's pretty funny v2. His legs are the Korblox Deathspeaker Left Leg and the Korblox Deathspeaker Right Leg. He is also shown holding a cup of Hot Chocolate.


Rawblocky is a game developer who has made many games throughout the years. In those times, Albert has played some like in ROBLOX COPYRIGHTED ARTISTS where he plays his new game Copyrighted Artists. He is on Albert's friendlist as of December 30th, 2019. He also has affiliation with Albert by appearing in The Temprist Gameshow. In the second round, he goes up against two other people and eventually wins it.


  • He has a group which you can join in sources.
  • He and Loloriz have collaborated to make games in the group, meme productions.
  • He has changed his username to well-known people in the Albert community like NikeOliZigzag or Alberto_Aretz.