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Raulo059 is a Roblox player that is seen in the video ROBLOX SACRIFICE SANCTUARY..., playing Sacrifice Sanctuary with Albert. Their interaction begins when Albert sees his pet bird and says he'd eat it, not without complimenting the bird first. Raulo thanks him and calls him a "wapo", a Spanish slang word for "handsome". Because of that, Albert is flattered and fall in love with him.

Albert promises to protect Raulo at all costs. Throughout the second half of the video, the two go up against spongebob87641, who Albert genuinely became afraid of due to his unexpected skill.

In Raulos last challenge Albert defeated him and Raulo lost and got taken by a void like creature, and Albert was left sad about it for breaking the promise. After about 3 years Albert, AKA, Flamingo, has probably forgotten about Raulo, but Raulo still remembers him.


  • Raulo is aware of his appearance in Albert's video as he owns a group called "Wapos xd".
  • Similar to TIFANY_MAYUMI, Raulo has a game all about him.
  • Raulo has gained over eight thousand followers.