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Ranon is a girl that appears in I made a Roblox "WALK TO THE END FOR ADMIN" game... but messed them up at the end that rages when she comes back at the start


Ranon08 was a player in a game created by Albert, successfully navigating through its challenges to reach the conclusion, only to meet an untimely demise. Upon respawn, she exhibited visible frustration, actively moving about and spinning. Subsequently, she entered an AFK state. Seizing the opportunity, Albert chose to propel her towards the edge, and she remained in the AFK state. Thunderlighting204 intervened by attempting to displace her, but she descended while experiencing lag. Albert promptly teleported her back, after which she remained stationary. Eventually, she finally left.


Ranon was one of the players to play Albert's game. Her initial presence was noted when Albert found himself in the spawning area. Notably, during an incident where Jaijailman2014 intentionally veered off the road, a segment of Ranon08 was obtained. Ranon08 subsequently respawned in a state of displeasure, engaging in a spinning motion. Subsequently, she entered an AFK state, prompting Albert to maneuver her to the extreme edge of the rainbow road. This action was taken with the anticipation that upon her return, she would promptly plummet.

Remaining stationary in an AFK state at the aforementioned location, Albert opted to observe the duration of her inactivity. A timelapse function was employed to chronicle the duration of her AFK status, revealing a span of 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Eventually, Thunderlighting294 intervened by nudging her off the edge, resuming his own progress along the road. During her descent, Ranon experienced lag, impeding the pace of her descent. Albert subsequently employed a teleportation mechanism to return her to the Rainbow Road, ultimately resulting in her departure from the game.


Ranon08 is attired in a Roblox shirt characterized by a black hue and adorned with grey patterns on its left side. Harmonizing with this top, she opts for dark green pants and pairs them with black shoes boasting white soles. Her hairstyle is defined by straight blonde hair, with bangs elegantly cascading to the right side. To complete her ensemble, she accessorizes with a white visor bearing the red inscription "ROBLOX."


  • She never spoke a single word in the video
  • She stood in the same spot for 2 minutes straight
  • She probably has bad internet which led her to stay floating still.
  • She could've thrown her phone.