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Randowdf is credited as the creator of the Ryan Toys Review Ryan's World Obby. This particular obby was designed with simplicity in mind, catering to the entertainment of literal babies. The Ryan Toys Review obby, created by Randowdf, gained prominence when Albert featured it in the video Roblox games that were meant for literal babies.


Albert featured Randowdf's creation as the inaugural obstacle course in one of his videos. Notably, the Ryan Toys Review Obby targeted an audience of very young players. During Albert's playthrough, he acquired both the Ryan egg and the Combo Egg from the game, highlighting their seemingly inert functionality. Despite Albert's assertion that the eggs served no purpose, he utilized one to manipulate another player's position.

The game's creator, Randowdf, subsequently joined the session, prompting Albert to inquire about the eggs' apparent lack of utility. In response, Randowdf urged him to appreciate her game and then cryptically stated, "that egg give but buy noov," (in separate sentences), implying a desire for Albert to purchase the eggs. She openly admitted her wish for Robux and, perceiving Albert's wealth, suggested he provide her Robux or face dire consequences.

Acknowledging the request, Albert humorously expressed his willingness to comply. Randowdf then instructed him not to move, although she had not explicitly issued such a command, and questioned whether he desired to meet his demise. Albert playfully responded with a nonchalant "sometimes," to which Randowdf countered that the moment wasn't opportune for such an outcome.

Subsequently, she directed Albert to follow her in-game, leading him to buy a blue laser gun, with which he humorously retaliated by shooting her and declaring, "the tables have turned." This unexpected turn of events left Randowdf unable to respawn, ultimately leading to her leave from the game.


  • In the video, she wore a Marshmellow red and blue shirt, as well as red and blue pants. She also wore the Deal With It 4 glasses and had Straight Blonde Hair, as well as the Woman Face.
  • Today, her character can't be viewed, but from her clothing, her appearance hasn't changed at all and has been inactive ever since June 11, 2021.


  • She is the owner of the group, Ryan toys review!!!, who had created the game.
  • If you look up her name, there are several joke accounts that add her name and some other words, like other characters, signifying her fame from the video.
  • Her pants were deleted from Roblox which is why her character can't be viewed.