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Radrajer was a player in the video titled "ROBLOX SPEEDING WALL ADMIN COMMANDS"


Radrajer was walking to the next safe spot in Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall. She arrives there, the speeding wall passes, and then she heads to the next safe spot. Albert, being the devious person he is, places two subspace tripmines down at the next safe spot, and waits for them to become invisible. Unfortunately for Albert, the subspace tripmines don't become invisible quick enough and Radrajer makes it to the spot with a random person. Shockingly enough, despite the subspace tripmines being visible, Radrajer bumps into them, setting them off and killing herself and the other person unintentionally.


  • Unrelated to Radrajer, this article was griefed before and then later reinstated.