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"R U Still There?." - Rust's catchphrase.

RUST_010 is a Roblox myth who makes games to scare Albert who debuted in I'm not safe on roblox anymore.... As of currently, he has retired being a ROBLOX myth and has became a normal user and developer.


On January 20th, 2018, a user named "Jack Woods" requested Albert to play a game from RUST_010's place called "R U S T." When he played it, he was shocked to see it identified him as Flamingo, it was scary to him because he was on an alt account at the time. He won't leave me alone... now I have to quit roblox... marks the first time RUST_010 has a main role. In that video, near the end, he went to a place brought from a web page in R U S T called smile.exe, it led him to a game called, "Smile." When he was there, he thought he could play with other people, but it was false as they were not real. However, Albert did meet a new account though. Albert then found a weird figure that when touched, it ran away. When Albert returned to Jimmy, the player "insanepsycho40" twisted his head very abnormally. Another player came and saw the head twist and was equally freaked out. The bot was then killed but it didn't take long for it to respawn with a new look. At the end of the video, he friends both of the people he was with and they were gonna stay in contact for further information. He has continued to make games over the year and slowly makes his appearance in Flamingo videos, but now it's very rare.



  • He has a YouTube channel (seen in the first source.)
  • He also has 3 groups, being r u still there?, OP_RUST, and RUST Corporation
  • He has a theme song called the "RUST 010 Theme Song" which is based on the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song.
  • Rust is currently Horror Game Developer on Roblox.




A rare instance of Rust in a game.


RUST_010's channel as of 01/29/2024