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"hello!! yes I am romk man!! you can get romk when romk store opens!!" - ROMK_MAN on his Roblox Page

ROMK_MAN is a member of the Grocery Gang myth group and the owner of the Romk Store.


ROMK_MAN is known for collecting colorful and rare rocks known as "Romks" and selling them at the "Romk Store". He normally collects those rocks in dark underground caves, which is presumably why he has a digger avatar.


Roblox's disturbing store...[]

ROMK_MAN makes his debut in this video. When Albert, 74j and Amazook enter the Romk Store, they find ROMK_Man there. ROMK_MAN shows Romks to Albert while explaining what they are.

After Albert accepts going on a tour with him, ROMK_MAN shows Albert and the other players the rest of the store along with the underground caves where he collects romk from.

At some point, ROMK_Fanatic accidentally triggers something, causing the whole cave to explode, ending the tour and making everyone respawn at the start.