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In this video, Albert plays a Roblox version of the series, Total Drama Island, where they play as various characters from the show.




Using an alt account, rockeybot999, which was dressed as an old woman, Albert plays the Total Drama Island game, which he then decides to play as Owen. He quickly buys 50 coins to choose his character and starts off. He is put on the Slimey Snails with a few other people. Before the game begins, Albert notices Cody's character, saying that they gave him a bald spot. For the first challenge, they had to jump from the cliff. The Slimey Snails won against the Killer Bass, although Albert failed the first jump. After they won, he mocked Cody's bald spot, which he says "thinks". Geoff wanted to talk with Duncan, in which they wanted to vote Beth if they lose. Owen (Albert) tells Beth, causing drama within the team. In Geoff's defense, he says that he picked at random. In the first elimination, the Killer Bass voted DJ out, which Albert commented on saying this was the saddest part of the series. The game made an oof sound, and he thought it was because the boat caught on fire and he died. After noting on Gwen's bad character, the second challenge began, where they had to jump on stones to get over the giant wall. Albert made it 4th, and the Slimey Snails won again. He then makes a plan to become friends with his team, so he starts with Duncan. Though he continues his beef with Geoff, they slowly made up and became friends again. Meanwhile, Izzy makes a move on Albert, which he finds uncomfortable and doesn't want to be hers. Eva is voted off, which she says "YOULL SEE ME IN COURT". The other team simply says "bye eva", which he thought meant that the other team sucks. The third challenge was Spleef, which many of the players were unprepared for when the game begins. Because of this, the Killer Bass wins the round, and Albert, having been fed up with Izzy, tells his team to vote her out. She is confused and shocked, making her sad. Izzy was then voted out, a sad moment for the team. She tried to tell them that it was a joke, but Albert doesn't care. As Albert continues to play along with his teammates, and the fourth challenge begins. This time, it's an obstacle course, in which the entire team must complete to win. After a while, the Slimey Snails win, and Albert looks to see who'll get voted out. Once Courtney was voted out, Albert screamed in misery, as he saw her as a nice character, saying "it is a sad day for all Courtney stans". After boosting the team's morale, the 5th challenge began, which is dodgeball. Not knowing what to do, Albert and most of the team dies quickly, and the Killer Bass win the challenge. Trying to figure out who to vote for, Cody declares that Owen should be voted out, and the entire team argues on who should be voted out. Cody was then voted out, but he tries to tell the team that "owen is dragging you down guys because he is telling you whjat to do dont trust him!". Albert responded saying "You did this to yourself Cody!" For the next challenge, it was Dodgeball once again, but this time, Albert does very well, eliminating most of the players but Noah, which by a fatal mistake, Albert loses and the Killer Bass win. However, since the screen was black to whoever lost, Albert could manipulate the team to thinking it was not what it actually seemed. In this, Trent was voted out. After the vote, the teams were merged, and everybody has to fend for themselves. The next challenge was an obstacle course, that Albert was good at first, but the thin lines wore him down. Heather won the challenge with ease, confusing Albert on how she did it. Since Heather was immune to elimination, Albert decides to vote Noah out. At that moment, Duncan said that they could vote him out, which Albert complained that he should have said that 20 seconds ago. Noah was then voted out. Gwen pretends that she was AFK and is surprised that Noah is gone. Albert thinks she is lying and plans to vote her out, although he changes it to Duncan. Owen wins the next challenge, which was pushing blocks to the center. Duncan continues to say it, which confuses Albert, meaning that his win was for nothing. After advertising his merch, Heather leaves the game, which meant that the votes become a tie between her and Duncan. Possibly due to automatic reasons, Heather was then "voted out", which Albert wanted Duncan to be voted out so it could be a double elimination. The next challenge was Spleef again, where Owen wins the game again. Albert tries to vote out Beth due to her being so nice, but Harold ends up being the one voted out. He believes Duncan would be safe again, which he was right about. Spleef is the next challenge again, and Gwen is first to die as she was busy typing the Flamingo song lyrics. After that, Duncan was then voted out this time, though Albert tried Beth again. Albert is determined to win the next challenge, or else he would be voted out. After several tries, Albert gets past the Obstacle Course and wins again. From there, he tries Beth again, but Gwen decides to vote herself out, worrying Albert showing who he had voted for. However, Gwen is then voted out after this, but he tells himself that he can't be toxic. Albert then tells that he is being nice to get the Jury on his side and win the game. For the finale, the Jury votes on who deserves the winner's title, and it ends up being a tie. However, regardless of the tie, the game gives the title to Owen, which was Albert. Since he won, he immediately starts chanting "DIE", being his old self again, saying "I WILL TAKE MY VICTORY AND SLAUGHTER ALL SURVIVORS". Candyrudy016, which was Beth, asked where Owen was, and he responded saying that he was an old lady. He accepted the friend request, regardless. From there, Albert concludes the video.


In order of winner to first eliminated[]

  • rockeybot999 - Owen
  • Candyrudy016 - Beth
  • BasicallyEmber - Duncan
  • nevaehhhannniscool - Harold
  • ParvatiShallows - Heather
  • s2rr - Noah
  • Nikio10 - Trent
  • KidzBoppingKaren - Cody
  • NiceAriana247 - Tyler
  • acandelaria42 - Courtney
  • potatojordan1024 - Izzy
  • littledec123 - Ezekiel
  • kittyslovelyhome2 - Eva
  • DhruvDog12 - DJ


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