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Flamingo start in a game called the sunken place made by RUST_010. They found coordinates going to near Deersville, Ohio. In the house there was dust all over the place and a bookshelf with rewards and books, etc. And later he plays a game called RUST. While he was looking into a computer in-game he click it's-lurking-in-the-woods, 2 people join and there called BigBoyBobbyBlond and squidwardtennisball2 and they leave the 2 players alone then they follow and flamingo says: "I guess me and the boys are gonna be exploring". And 2 jumpscares appear later.


He gets scared because he appeared out of nowhere. Then he finds a another house in Pennsylvania near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He finds a new house a abandon house all there is nothing but the only visible thing is a dirty toilet. Flamingo finds a new house and later a loud noise plays. A another jumpscare happens. Flamingo finds a another house and finds a car that says Pennsylvania flamingo finds a computer with a code later he get jumpscared. Flamingo finds a code saying 49552. Flamingo gets jumpscared and a scarecrow scares squidwardtennisball2.


RUST_010 says it's in the woods and you should be confused.

Who RUST is in the video[]

squidwardtennisball2 is RUST_010 according to a random word picker.