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a blonde roblox avatar sitting down on a plane with a worried expression while a dark creature with red eyes looms above.

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This page is about the video, you may be looking for the series

Today in Roblox I take a trip on an Airplane...

this is a camping style game with a very crazy end that I made happen lol

  —The description of the video  





The video starts with Albert in the airplane game, He says "Guys Look!" and points his mouse at lazytekoa5 a user dressed in a typical roblox guest avatar, saying "I'm geust" he runs over to the player saying this and says "Guys look, its the last geust!" In the chat he says "!!!, OMG R U THE LAST GUST" receiving the reply "hi" from tekoa. He pops over to a youtube page with the search query "the last guest" while albert says "are you the last goose from the movie with twenty million views?!",

Tekoa replies with "Yaa" while another user (cravingirl190) says "omg" ... While Albert replies "Oh my god, Oh my god" in a fake shocked like voice. Several players walk over to Tekoa and Albert, one saying "Nu, Hes not GUYSCOME" at the same time albert says "please come with me, please please please please please!! I wanna go on this trip with you!", parisgirl530 says "I was last the. Won" (spelled W , O, N)