ROBLOXHub is Albert's old YouTube channel from 2011-2012. The exact join date is July 5th, 2011. His first few videos were him playing a game while silently advertising Roblox in some form or fashion, but it was mostly just him having fun. His last few videos were anything you would expect from an old video of Roblox. His final video on the channel is what made Albert the man we know today... one who gets bored... and does some crazy things... He currently has 20,000+ subscribers. Albert has referenced this channel multiple times, most notably in FUNNIEST WAY TO GET BANNED in ROBLOX.


  • According to Albert in most videos, he was 11-13 years old when first playing Roblox
  • Most present fans of Albert consider the younger version "strange"
  • The last video on his channel involved him playing a Paintball game when the official ROBLOX account joined the game, which Albert then preceded to spam until ROBLOX banned him.
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