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ITS BACK!!! RIP Cleetus and the Penguin Body... is a game created by Albert, made to dedicate the temporary loss of the Penguin body shirt feature, which had disabled the use of wearing a shirt on the body. Solely appearing in the video, ROBLOX RUINED MY AVATAR..., Albert explained how the new change in the Penguin body would ruin the character of Cleetus, making him look more like a penguin, rather than being fat. The game itself has been "created" on May 8, 2022. In this game, there is a funeral directed to Cleetus in memory of his former appearance before the update. It holds many chairs and a path directed to the coffin where Cleetus is held in. It also has a couple of outfits that people can wear, formal male and female. The environment is very rainy and pictures are also nearby the coffin that hold pictures of Cleetus. When the video was posted, Albert did say that the Penguin body was reverted back to its normal form, in which he says that he'll leave the funeral as a documentary.


  • 5/5/22 , Roblox has updated the Penguin Body to not let you wear a shirt... ruining Cleetus' outfit and forcing Cleetus to be skinny.



  • As of now, 93.8K+ people have visited and it has more than 3.9K favorites.
  • Despite Albert wishing not to get the place hacked with bad free models, there are still players who are able to spin hack and fling people that way.
  • The place uses the Adonis admin.
  • Despite being announced on May 8, the original game was actually made on December 31, 2018, possibly under a different name, until Albert used it for the funeral game.
  • The title has now changed to add, "IT'S BACK!!!" to include that the Penguin body reverted.
  • In the video, Albert also makes a reference to FonPonGuy and his funeral, saying that a free model had the account banned.