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RB Battles (also known as Roblox Battles) is an event that began on September 9, 2019 and ended on September 28, 2019. It was a YouTube-based tournament centered around 16 different popular Youtubers who went head-to-head on different games, with a bracket to determine the order of which they do so. Tournament was hosted by 3 famous Youtuber DJMonopoli,SabrinaBrite and RussoTalk. RB Battles appear in Albert Video ROBLOX RB BATTLES. There is an official YouTube channel for the event, where users can watch the event.On December 13th,2022,Flamingo joined RB Battles and battled against Jayingee which ended him losing against him but Flamingo did get 30,000 robux.


  • RealKreek won Season 1 of RB Battles.
  • Tanqr won Season 2 of RB Battles.
  • Tanqr won Season 3 of RB Battles.