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Were you looking for a different Mario or Mario Time?

Mario is one of the guessing walls in Albert's quiz made by an account called CoolRobloxQuizzes, who created the game.


Quiz Mario looks exactly like..well Mario.


Mario first originated from Nintendo's first game (possibly) Donkey Kong Jr, he is roled to be the villain of the franchise, but when he got more attention than the gorilla himself, he started to get his own games and became the main protagonist of the franchise.


In the video, Albert decides, for his game, to put as many Marios as possible, to possibly annoy the player and to give any person who doesn't know who Mario is, a "heart attack". Some did end up in that point, but most were able to get through. They appeared in the first part as a "thick forest" of Mario walls, and when Albert put another part, he made it so you had to type "Mario" each and every single time to get through. A few more Marios were added to the very end before you fell down the pit.


- He's been multiplied 36 times

- There's not even a single person who doesn't know Mario, he's that famous

- He turned 40 this year

- Mario was used again for a different kind of quiz Albert made with disturbing recreations of the characters, with Mario being someone in real life dressed up as Mario with a winning smile as the face.