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Queenmexican1's old avatar in 2018 displays of no accessories or clothes, and the default face. Queenmexican1's NEW avatar consists of the "Black Ponytail" hair accessory, and the Woman bundle. She currently has "Jurassic Park shirt", "Jean shorts", and "Mai's Backpack" equipped on her avatar.


In 2018, while browsing through Roblox, Albert came across a user with the intriguing username "queenmexican1." Amused by the name, he couldn't resist making a lighthearted joke about how the queen of Mexico was playing a game on Roblox. Her first and last words she said in the video are: "Were r u". That was her only appearance in the video, and she never made a comeback in any of Albert's future videos.

Personality and Traits[]

We don't have much information to go off of Queenmexican1. She is most likely nice.


Albert (Neutral)


In the video she was first introduced, she dropped a bag of groceries because the queen of Mexico can do whatever she wants. Hundreds of people worship the queen of Mexico joking that she "can do whatever she wants"



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