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QUIZ FOR ADMIN is a Roblox game made by CoolRobloxQuizes (Albert) that debuted in I made a Roblox quiz game... and slowly made it messed up.

Game Description[]

[Content Deleted]


The gamewould starts off with a picture of Mario, and behind the spawn is an epic face, that is unanchored. It then goes on like a regular quiz, with then a sad girl on the 4th part. Then, one of the questions says "Who is going to die? Hint: you".

After that, there would then be 7 Mario's all right next to each other, and another one further away. After that, the next question says "is your mother fat (yes or no)". Then after that, it goes back to a regular quiz. The first YouTuber pops up with a picture of DenisDaily. There is then a model of his character with blood all over it. There's also a picture of Mario over it.

The next strange part comes into place where it asks "Do you wanna win? (yes or no)". The player will say yes and then move on. After that, there is about 28 Marios you will have to go through. After that, it is the exact same thing but with Luigi and Denis, switching every other block, meaning that you have to type each one individually. There is around 14 of each person.

After that, there is then 4 Mario's and it leads you to the end, with a sign that says "COME HERE FOR ADMIN".

When you are about to hit the finish line, you drop into a hole. It then becomes all pitch black with some red glowing. You are then hit with a question saying "Do you forgive me? (yes or no)". Once you get past that, you are then hit with another question that says "You are stuck here forever. (yes)". There are 3 of that exact question. Once you finish it, you find some fire, with a model of the devil in it. YOUR NEXT youwerenotfound


  • Due to some copyright reasons, some decals in the game were removed.
  • In the thumbnail if you look very closely, you can see a baseplate floating in the air. This also appears in the video too, where you can see it a bit better. It includes paths, hat changers and some other stuff.
  • The game has since been deleted.