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ProRaphGamer mostly known as Raph is a character who appears in I made him Roblox ADMIN... then he betrayed his family


He is first seen walking up to geanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN and adzennefat as they attempt to communicate. He asks geana if she wants him but is then rejected and told by geana that adzenne wants him. After being ignored by adzenne he quickly moves on to another woman. Raph takes a second try at getting adzenne by telling her to come with him, she doesn't follow however because she did not know how to walk. We don't see Raph again after that.


"u dance rlly"



"ok now wh (gets cut off by the video)"

"jack nice"

"hi girls"


"u wnt me?"


"u want me"




  • By the look of the money spinning around his head, he is probably rich.
  • He might be a secret knight as he has armor on his left hand and swords on his back.
  • Raph has had 3 crushes in this video.