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Prestons, or Preasten, are likely two guests that debuted in FAMILY GOES TERRIBLE IN ROBLOX.


Prestons are two guests. Their clothes are in-game clothes you can get through morphs. They debut in the Albersstuff video FAMILY GOES TERRIBLE IN ROBLOX. In the video, Albert plays "Boys and Girls Dance Club" and, there, Albert plays as a girl, he adopts a baby and marries bjskp. bjskp then invites Albert to his house and states he has two "preasten". Albert then start joking about how it sounds like "Preston".

After entering bjskp's mansion, he finds Guest 8896 and Guest 6186, which are likely the prestons. Albert asks who they are, but bjskp never answers. Guest 6186 is never seen for the rest of the video, but Albert later finds Guest 8896 hitting himself against the window.


On the 2nd of October 2017, Guests were permanently removed from Roblox. It is unknown if both Prestons created a new account, are inactive or abandoned Roblox before termination.