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is an account created by Albert, that debuted in the video ROBLOX RAGDOLL ENGINE...


The account debuted at ROBLOX RAGDOLL ENGINE. Pregboy has all of the Radgoll Engine gamepasses, so it is meant to annoy other players, especially mattluke_brothers.

The account also appeared as the creator of the game, GAMING QUIZ FOR FREE MONEY AND ADMIN, which he made disturbing images of fictional characters, such as Spongebob, Sonic, and Pikachu, shown in the video, I made Roblox's most disturbing quiz...


pregboy222 wears the Digital Artist - torso, Digital Artist - left arm , Digital Artist - right arm , Digital Artist - left leg , Digital Artist - right leg , Digital Artist - spray can , default head , and smile.


  • After Albert's video pregboy222 gained 6,673 followers
  • As of today, he has 9.5K followers.
  • During the disturbing quiz video, he made his display name DreamCraft, the creator of Adopt Me!
  • He has also created the game: Fish Game (FREE ADMIN).