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Pop Tart is Su Tarts Evil Twins Evil Twin who first appeared in Roblox Sad cheating story (he cried on video)


It all started when Dr. Doofenshmirtz met Shadow and they started dating and promised not to cheat on eachother until Doofenshmirtz cheats on shadow with pillsberry uchia and shadow tells him that they are breaking up, 2 days later shadow and Adam gets married and have a kid, meanwhile pillsberry uchia has a secret to confess to doofenshmirtz that he is actually the turtle from kung fu panda, but in another twist she is actually pillsberry and shes getting toast by toaster, and this is when Pop Tart comes in as another another twist as Su Tarts Evil Twins Evil Twin killing doofenshmirtz. Shadow comes back not liking Adam and looks for Doof finding his dead body one day avenging for doof.


Due to Pop Tart being an actual pop tart and looking nothing like su tart and/or dark su tart he may not be related to them.